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Reventon Fan Coil Unit Heater HC20-3S 21kW

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This 21kW Fan Coil Unit Heater can be wall or ceiling mounted in high-ceilinged commercial units, industrial spaces, warehouses, schools, restaurants and many other retail outlets.

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All Unit Heaters come with a 24 month warranty.

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Fan Coil Unit Heater

This 21kW Fan Coil Unit Heater can be wall or ceiling mounted in high-ceilinged commercial units, industrial spaces, warehouses, schools, restaurants and many other retail outlets.

A fan coil unit heater is a simple device made up of a heating coil through which hot water is pumped and a fan which is fitted behind it to blow air across the coil, taking the heat from the coil and heating the space in which the unit heater is fitted.

Fan Coil Unit Heater Technical Details

The Reventon Fan Coil Unit Heater with EPP Casing is constructed with the following components:

EPP Casing

Casing is made of expanded polypropylene. Shortened to EPP, this recyclable moulded foam has a unique list of properties that would be difficult to find in any other material:

  • Impact absorption - good shape recovery and damage resistance. Makes damage during installation less likely
  • Structural strength - High strength, load bearing properties
  • Lightweight - The reduced weight of these heaters also eases installation
  • Thermal Insulation - The heat goes into the work space, not into the casing.
  • Sound deafening - Reduces noise and vibration.
  • High resistance - resistant to most chemicals including lubricants and oils.

Heating Coil

The heating coil is constructed using copper and aluminium. Designed to work with temperatures up to 120 °C and a very high maximum pressure of 16 bar. Connections to the heating coil are ¾”. Depending on the output of the heating unit the coils can be set in units of 1, 2 or 3 rows.

Axial Blowing Fan

The fans are enclosed behind a protective grid made with strong galvanised steel wire. Fan blades are constructed with strong lightweight steel. The motor is accredited up to safety standard IP54. Highly efficient 3 stage motors with a current rating of 0.54A-1.08A depending on the heater size. Fan diameter is 400mm for 20kW-45kW units and 450mm for the 50kW and 70kW models. Standard models are fitted with single phase fans. 3 phase fans are also available

Front Louvres

The front louvres are constructed of polypropylene. These louvres are adjustable and can be regulated to help fine tune the direction of the heated air flow.


We also stock a range of accessories for these fan coil unit heaters including:

  • Rotary Mounting Brackets - Allow the unit heaters to be ceiling mounted or wall mounted with a choice of setting the unit heaters at an angle 45, 60 or 90 degrees. Units can be rotated to any angle horizontally.
  • Speed controllers - The 3 stage motors can be wired to run at a fixed slow, medium or fast speed. We have a range of speed controllers that can provide variable speed control (either 3 or 5 speed) and can be used to control individual units or multiple devices.
  • Thermostats and timers - Our range of thermostats and timers give control over when the units are running and temperature control of the heating zone.
  • 2 Port Zone Valves - These are fitted to the pipework before the heaters so that the flow to the heating coil is shut off when the units are not operating. If a zone valve is not fitted the fan coils will be able to generate heat, even when the fans are witched off (this won't happen if the main heat generator is switched off)

All EPP cased Fan Coil Unit Heaters come with a 24 month manufacturer's warranty

Additional information

Weight 11.5 kg
Dimensions 32 × 63.6 × 59.8 cm


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