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Reventon Destratification Fan

The Reventon range is the ideal industrial or commercial air heating solution.

A commercial Reventon destratification fan can aid in the re-circulation of high level hot air and with rising fuel costs it’s important to discover ways to lower your energy bills within the workplace, and with over 20% of heat lost through the roof via stratification, this is a loss that can be reduced.

What is stratification?

Stratification is the process of warm air rising and cool air descending, creating an unbalanced temperature within your building, meaning that ceiling height is significantly warmer than working height. Heat is only required for approximately up to 6ft above the ground. This means that your system will be continuously working in order to maintain a comfortable temperature at floor level. By doing this not only does it increase your fuel usage but also increases the amount of carbon that you are releasing into the air.

Our destratification fan comes with a 24 month manufacturers warranty.

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    Honeywell T6360 Room Thermostat

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  • Destratification fan

    Reventon Destratification Fan HC-3S 5100m3/hr

    £422.25 Excl. VAT

Destratification Fan Technical Details:

Destratification Fan – Downloads:

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EPP Casing

Casing is made of expanded polypropylene. Shortened to EPP, this recyclable moulded foam has a unique list of properties that would be difficult to find in any other material:

  • Impact absorption – good shape recovery and damage resistance. Makes damage during installation less likely
  • Structural strength – High strength, load bearing properties
  • Lightweight – The reduced weight of these heaters also eases installation
  • Thermal Insulation – The heat goes into the work space, not into the casing.
  • Sound deafening – Reduces noise and vibration.
  • High resistance – resistant to most chemicals including lubricants and oils.

Round 360° degrees diffuser:

Cover plate made of galvanised steel. It allows an even air flow within the environment it has been installed in.

Axial Blowing Fan

The fans are enclosed behind a protective grid made with strong galvanised steel wire. Fan blades are constructed with strong lightweight steel. The motor is accredited up to safety standard IP54. Highly efficient 3 stage motors with a current rating of 1.08A.


We also stock a range of accessories for these destratification fans including:

  • Rotary Mounting Brackets– Allow the destratification fan to be ceiling mounted or wall mounted with a choice of setting the unit heaters at an angle 45, 60 or 90 degrees. Units can be rotated to any angle horizontally.
  • Speed controllers – the 3 stage motors can be wired to run at a fixed slow, medium or fast speed. We have a range of speed controllers that can provide variable speed control (either 3 or 5 speed) and can be used to control individual units or multiple devices.

Our destratification fan comes with a 24 month manufacturer’s warranty