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 January, 2018

VPS Industrial Heating are delighted to launch its unique offering into the UK heating market.

Our bespoke kits are based on using Intergas Gas Boilers and Reventon Hot Water Fan Heaters.

We will assist our customers in designing a custom system to suit any size of building.

Our offering includes the following:

  • Assistance with establishing heat load
  • Assistance with sizing and positioning of the fan heaters
  • Schematic drawing of system, including suitably sized pipe work.
  • Complete component list including boilers, flues, low loss header, hot water fan heaters, magnetic filters, control systems and all valves and fittings. We will also include a properly sized pump. The only thing that will need to be separately sourced will be the pipe.
  • Advice on flue requirements

Main Components


Intergas Boilers have been at the forefront of boiler manufacture in Holland for over 40 years. They have been in the UK for a few years now and are now recognised as one of the top boiler manufacturers supplying boilers in the UK. 

Which?, the renowned consumer group has named Intergas as one of their top 5 boilers. They have an excellent reputation for reliability and have service engineers available throughout the country in the unlikely event that something does go wrong.

Low Loss Header

When installing boilers in a cascade system (more than 1 boiler) it is best practice to install a low loss header. If the boilers were directly connected to a heating system without a low loss header they are likely to have a variable flow rate which can lead to minimum boiler flow rates not being maintained.

Fitting a low loss header provides hydraulic separation of the primary circuit. The heating circuit will then operate separately via a separate pump. They help to regulate the flow rate and pressure and the performance and efficiency of the heating system are improved. Boilers are safeguarded from erratic flow rates which helps to increase the life expectancy of the boilers.

Reventon Hot Water Air Heaters

In simple terms these heaters are large radiators with a fan blowing air through them. They are a very effective way of heating large spaces. 

One of the most common ways to heat large spaces is to use large gas fired air heaters. Our system has many advantages over this, namely that it is generally much cheaper to install, and the centralised heating plant is also easier to maintain and replace.

Our Reventon hot water fan heaters come in a range of sizes to suit all applications.

To assist the installation team we will work with the customer and produce a drawing that shows the main components as per the example below: