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Ferono Cold Store Air Curtain

Ferono Air Curtain for Cold Stores and Chill Rooms

The Ferono Air curtain is ideal for a range of different industrial and commercial locations and can help your organisation be more energy efficient while also cost-saving at the same time.

If you have a business that operates a cold store, freezer or chill room, then energy costs can often mount up as you attempt to keep the internal space cool and your products in the best possible condition, whilst limiting the damaging effects of air leakage and the constant opening and closing of doors.

Usually when the door of a cold store or chill room is opened, air that is either cold or heavy escapes along the ground level with warm air flowing in at the same time above it. Therefore the more air that enters a space, the harder cooling systems have to work, which means more of an expense for your business. The increase in warm air leads can also lead to moisture build up which, combined with extreme cold, can develop into hazardous ice.

Ferono Air Curtains provide a powerful curtain of electrically heated air ensuring a constant stream of heated air across a doorway or opening.

Ideally an electric air curtain should be fitted above a doorway and cover the entire doorway with a small overhang at each side of up to 100mm.

Ferono make a full range of electric heated air curtains and they come in 3 widths (900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm).

Designed for mounting up to 3.5m from ground.

These air curtains can run continuously or intermittently and we have a full range of suitable thermostats and programmers.

Technical Details:


Ferono air curtains have built-in fuse surge protection.

Ferono Commercial Electric Heated Air Curtain – Downloads:

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All Ferono Air Curtains for Cold Stores and Chill Rooms come with a 36 month manufacturers warranty.

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