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November, 2017

Air curtains are becoming ever more popular as businesses realise the considerable benefits that are achieved by installing them.

We are big fans of this technology and have come up with 12 reasons why businesses should consider installing electric heated air curtains:


  1. In the UK probably the most important feature is that an air curtain keeps cold air out. In a situation where a door is opening and closing constantly or is even open all the time this can help reduce heating bills by as much as 30%.

2. The force of the air curtain forms an effective barrier. This barrier prevents bad odours or exhaust fumes entering the building.

3. If an existing heating system is struggling to cope during really cold weather the introduction of an air curtain can reduce the amount of heat it is required to produce and can remove the need to upgrade or replace it.

4. Fitting an air curtain allows traders to have their doors open all the time. An open door is proven to be more inviting to new customers.

5. The improvement in the heating system improves the comfort levels for customers and staff. Keeping both customers and staff happy is essential to any business.

6. Ideal for entrances to large public buildings where there is a high volume of traffic or the doors need to be kept open to let a lot of people in. Very popular for churches where a lot of people arrive at the same time for a church service.

7. The air barrier produced by an air curtain prevents insects from entering a building. Ideal for any business producing food such as bakeries or restaurants

8. An open doorway, that a heat curtain allows makes access for disabled people much easier. Also very useful for people pushing prams or shopping trolleys.

9. In the summertime, they can be used with the heating circuit turned off. The air barrier will prevent excessively warm air entering the building reducing the amount of work an air conditioning system has to do.

10. The overall savings fuel required to run heating or cooling system can be significantly reduced. This will correspondingly reduce CO2 emissions which can be important for many businesses.

11. Air Curtains are a discreet form of heating. Positioned out of the sight and often overhead, many people don’t even notice them. However, they are not unattractive and will not detract from a buildings aesthetic.

12. Air pollution can be a major problem in busy town centres. Fitting an air curtain keeps the nasty chemicals outside and all the nice clean air inside.


An Electric Heated Air Curtain

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